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Mixing tanks
mixing tank with mechanical agitator
Feature:equipments are designed and manufactured 
fully according to the demand of GMP and to 
standards, such as ¡¶steel pressure vessels¡· 
(GB150-1998), and¡¶steel welded atmospheric 
pressure vessels¡· (JB/T4735-1997), etc.
It is applied to liquid preparation and various water 
treatment process in purgative area£¬such as 
infusion solution ,injection solution, eye drop, 
oral liquid and blood preparation.

Product technical description:
Specification: 30L~50000L
Material: SS316L or SS304
Surface finish: inside surface is Ra0.28~0.6¦Ìm by mechanical polish. (passivation or electropolish are optional). Outside surface is Ra0.6~0.8¦Ìm by satin finish.
Agitator: Top mechanical agitator (propeller, spiral and anchor or others)
Pressure: ATM or pressure vessel (-0.1~1Mpa)
Structure: Single layer vessel, vessel with jacket, vessel with jacket and insulation
Jacket type: dimple jacket, full jacket, or coil jacket
Insulation material: rock wool
Components: vent filter, temp. gauge, level gauge, manhole, sight glass with lamp and cleaning ball or according to client¡¯s detail requirement.
Manufacture standard for pressure vessel: GB150-1998, ASME or PED/23/EC

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